Today is my one of my best friend’s birthday. I hope you have a wonderful, nice weather, sweet high fives, and super day. You deserve to have a great day because there are so many great things about you. I’m so glad that I have gotten to know you this year. You are honestly the best person I met here. I love how we have similar music taste, the same major, two legs, live on the same floor, and are pretty awesome!!!  Everyone is super excited to spend the day and make this day amazing. I’m so glad I met and now we’re friends! Have kick ass day! #happybirthday #angie #tim? #munroe #sweaters #Chicago #jammyshuffle #jamesfranco
#WillWednesday this is now an official hashtag. Here’s a glorious picture of Will featuring @pmullane579 #bmx #sports #chocolatemilkandmuffincrew


got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”


i apparently go to bird school which is for birds

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